"Joel gave us more than just photos, he gave us a beautiful, artistic embodiment of our wedding experience. We had seen his photos from previous weddings and knew he would deliver something different and unique. What we didn’t expect, though, was for him to capture so many genuine moments, and to do so with the cinematic eye and attention to detail that he did. He was patient, kind, unobtrusive (in fact, multiple people mentioned they don’t remember ever seeing a photographer), and a calm presence to have next to us for what could have been pure chaos. His professionalism and class mixed with his sense of humor and candor was the perfect combination to put us at ease. It wasn’t a photographer directing two people; it was a friend there with us. He never seemed stressed or hurried. He never expressed frustration or fatigue. He listened to what we wanted, but really, he delivered what we never knew we could have.


Not being the super serious couple, there was a concern that it might be difficult to capture that in a cinematic/artistic way. But, we soon realized that Joel works with the personality of his clients. It is about capturing real moments and honest emotions, regardless if those moments are laughing, crying, or just being there in that instant.


His professionalism wasn’t just displayed at the wedding itself. Joel was extremely thorough and succinct in his communication throughout the entire wedding process (that includes the year before, the wedding itself, and in the weeks/months after). We never went a week after the wedding without hearing from Joel, getting updates, and seeing beautiful teaser images. In planning a wedding (especially from a different country), you talk and email with a lot of vendors, and I can say with all honesty that Joel’s communication and attentiveness is unparalleled. It shows the care and time he gives every client.


The delivery of the final product was breathtaking… a wax sealed package, a handwritten card, a thoughtfully constructed (high-quality) personalized book, and a flash drive filled with every amazing picture (already sorted into folders, with two image sizes of each). While we had originally hoped to get one or two of those frame-worthy, envy-causing “Joel shots”, we now have so many to choose from that we can’t decide which to print.


The only regret we have is not hiring him for longer, as we would have loved to have him with us for the entire weekend, even. We are now considering planning a second wedding just to get the chance to work with him again. We are so grateful to have met such an amazing photographer, who we can now call our friend."






"We are so happy that we chose Joel Abrahamson Photographic to document our wedding. He was amazing to work with. He always went above and beyond: his communication was exemplary, he was very prepared, put us at ease, would show up early and stay late to make sure he got all of the photos he wanted. And his photos are absolutely gorgeous. We highly recommend him!"






"I have worked as a wedding photographer before and I can easily say that Joel is one of the best! I confidently trust his vision and art direction for his work. He is upfront and honest about his business. It was a pleasure working with him!"





"We hired Joel for our wedding back in July and he did a wonderful job. Our photos were breathtaking and we are still getting compliments on the work he did! My sister-in-law also hired him for her wedding so I've had the privilege of working with him twice! I will never hire another photographer! Simply amazing! Thanks for everything, Joel!!"






"We originally chose Joel from one of several photographers we met with when we started planning our wedding (from 15 hours away). From our original meeting with Joel we got the sense that he was easy to work with, fun, and wonderfully professional. After seeing his work & getting to meet him it was really a no-brainer that we would hire him. Joel shot out engagement photos as well as our wedding photos and all of the photographs are beautifully taken and capture who we really are. Joel is very easy going and able to capture that moment that just really makes the memory stand out. He is also so much fun to work with and so very patient, our wedding party had only good things to say and definitely put him through his paces with their comments, laughter, and inability to follow direction. We love that he was able to capture our day as we experienced it, capturing all the little moments as well as the beautifully posed photographs we have from throughout the day. His attention to detail and ability to create so much emotion in his photographs really stands out and he always makes you feel comfortable and at ease and it comes out in the photos. We loved working with Joel and we love the work he delivered. We ordered a book as part of our package and it is so wonderful, the pictures he chose for it really do encompass us and our family and friends. It was so refreshing to work with someone who really wants to take the opportunity to get to know you a little and then takes that and turns it into a memory that you can keep. We would definitely recommend Joel to anyone looking for something a little different from your generic wedding photos and anyone who is looking for an amazing experience with their photographer.





"My husband and I had a wonderful experience from beginning to end with Joel. Our first meet and greet went amazing; he's very relaxed and personable. When it came to the wedding day he was my person to turn to. If I felt like something was off he would tell me honestly to either relax or change it. He was everywhere but noticed nowhere. If you're looking for amazing quality pictures from someone who clearly chose the perfect career path for himself, Joel Abrahamson Photographic is a memorable experience that you won't regret."





"Thank you so much for capturing every moment I could have wanted! The pictures are so beautiful, as I knew they would be when we hired you. I've had so many compliments on them."






"Joel Abrahamson Photographic is hands down the best at what they do, I'd be genuinely surprised if you could find a photographer in all of Canada who can do what Joel can. He has an incredible talent and high level of craft. He puts so much effort into capturing, crafting and presenting each moment. On a personal level, Joel is the shining star that got us through our big day! He put us at ease and kept things within our comfort zone while also pushing us to create the most incredible moments. I couldn't have been happier to make Joel a part of our day. You can really feel the care, craft, and attention Joel gives to every single photograph which is something that just can't be replicated. It's very obvious that Joel is as much in love with what he does as the couples he photographs. We couldn't have had a better experience!"






"Joel shot our engagement and wedding photos and we are so happy to have worked with him! Not only is he incredibly talented, he's also the nicest, most easy going person to work with. We still get tons of compliments on our photos and friends have gone out of their way to remark on how gorgeous and unique Joel's images are. We cherish Joel's beautiful photos of our wedding - he perfectly captured the most amazing and fun day of our lives!"






"When my husband and I talked about how we imagined our big day, we knew that photography was one of the most important things to us. We agreed that we didn't want any staged photographs but instead wanted someone to capture moments naturally. Working with Joel was incredibly easy. He was professional and respectful of not interrupting special moments. He took the time to listen to our needs and scouted out the perfect spot that worked beautifully. Our photos turned out to be more beautiful than we could have imagined! The photographs are more than photographs, they're moments that he captured and we will cherish them for a lifetime. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts Joel! You're an incredible artist!!"






"When we looked at our wedding day photos for the first time we immediately realized Joel had created something truly unique and special for us. His attention to lighting, perspective, and position captured our story to perfection! We are amazed and beyond pleased with the quality of our photos and very much enjoy sharing these mementos with our friends and family – just like us, they too can recognize the architecture and artistic elements in every image. They are wonderful to look at and the photo book adds a nice touch! Joel’s professionalism was easy to spot from the start - his preparation, thought, skill, and hard work really stood out, and he not only took the time to get to know us but he also scouted out our locations beforehand and made us feel comfortable all day long. After our wedding day, he did a great job at keeping us posted on the progress of our photos and delivered them in remarkable timing! We highly recommend Joel to anyone who appreciates exceptional photography when capturing life’s special moments."





"When I saw Joel's work, I knew that we had to have him for our day. My Hubby loved the style and I wanted something artistic and unique.


It is so easy to communicate with Joel. Being so far away I thought it might be hard to plan the wedding but it was so wonderful start to finish. When Joel arrived he was ready and he brings with him an energy that makes the experience of being photographed so much fun. My whole family was so happy with the wedding day; Joel is very good at directing. He also gets the most beautiful shots that you didn't even know he was taking. My little brother thought some were drone shots.


When I saw the photos it was like looking at a magazine spread. He goes above and beyond and his work is just on another level. We're so glad we chose Kingdom Come; Joel is an amazing person.





"We worked with Joel for our wedding and he captured exactly what we wanted.  He was professional and made everyone feel comfortable. The photos are better then we could of ever imagined. I will continue to recommended him!"





'They are truly majestic, we love the ones of us but the ones of the family are what blew us away. You some how managed to catch the essence of each individual that we will treasure forever.  My mother sincerely apologizes for the fact that almost every photo of her was her balling her eyes out. But you some how managed to make them all look so beautiful.


Thank you so much for everything.'





"Anyone getting married who wants gorgeous photos at a competitive price should look at Kingdom Come Photography. We loved working with Joel, who has a great eye for detail, as well as high standards for the end result! Our bridal party had a blast taking the group shots and we were so impressed with the final photos. Definitely the best vendor choice of all the vendors we hired!!"





"Talented with an amazing vision."











"Exactly one month to the day since we were married last month, we received this gem in the mail. It was so wonderful spending our one month anniversary remembering our day through Joel's unique and special photography. His images come together to create a magical story that feels like a fairytale. We're so pleased to have such original images to remember our wedding. It was such an easy going experience having Joel take our pictures. Thank you so much Joel Abrahamson Photographic!"







"When my wife (fiancée at the time) and I decided to get married 2,000 miles away in a foreign country, there were a lot of unknowns. Questions like, "How will we find a photographer?" and "Do they even have cameras in Canada?" were asked.


After some Googling we came across Joel's website (his SEO is on point) and were absolutely stunned by the the images there. They were simply unlike any other wedding photos we had ever seen. We didn't even need a discussion. Silently, we knew that we were going to hire Joel.


I want to talk now about Joel's (proprietor and our photographer) work ethic. Well before the event it became obvious why his pictures were so incredible. The amount of preparation he does is truly impressive. He patiently answered all of our questions, scouted locations, researched weather and light conditions, and coordinated with us on the schedule. Working with him was low stress at a time when we sorely needed it.


At the event itself, he was everywhere and nowhere. Even our guests commented that they had never seen a photographer work so hard and take so many pictures. But he never became a distraction.


Our biggest question heading into the wedding was, given the moodiness that's pervasive in Joel's work, was Joel going to be a pretentious artist who refused to compromise on his vision? The answer was a resounding no. Working with Joel was a blast. He kept us smiling, even when we were trying to have serious face. Both my wife and I agree that our photo sessions held some of our favorite moments of the day.


The final product came out wonderfully, just as you'd expect from their samples. Joel over-delivered, providing hundreds more touched up photos than initially promised and faster than expected. The quality of the photos and the included photo book were top notch.


I can't recommend Joel enough for anyone who wants unique wedding photography along with a positive day-of-event experience."





"Having chosen Joel Abrahamson Photographic for our wedding, we knew to expect the utmost professionalism, artfully composed photographs and a collection to have and share for all time. What we truly received..... cannot be expressed in words. To know us was to understand not only was ours a joining of two hearts, but two families. Chris and I had the pleasure of having Joel photograph our two stories, our private ceremony in Canada and our wedding with our children, family and friends in Mexico. He is a master of his craft, capturing moments on film that are tangible and tactile. The time he invested in us and our family cannot be measured in dollars. From climbing through wet snow, up the side of a mountain to braving snakes and iguanas to ensure our story was told. The investment we made in Joel Abrahamson was minimal in comparison to what he invested in us, the "pre-wedding wedding" and the "wedding-wedding". From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you....small words to truly express what you have given to us."





"Spectacular. Unique. Gorgeous."





"We hired Joel for our winter wedding at Emerald Lake and we could not have been happier with our decision. We were looking for something outside the typical wedding photos and for someone who could showcase the beauty of our surroundings and Joel surpassed those expectations. He is an absolute pleasure to work with, a true artist and a genuinely nice guy. Everyone who has seen our photos becomes speechless and the phrase we hear over and over again is that they belong in a magazine. We couldn't agree more and want to thank you Joel for sharing our perfect day with us and capturing it so beautifully! The photography portion of our wedding was extremely important to us and we couldn't be happier."





"Joel is the BEST! We love our wedding pictures even two  and a half years later they are still in style and look out of a magazine!"






My husband and I had the pleasure of doing a wedding mountain shoot at the top of Ha Ling in Canmore.  We had a vision of photos that captured our personalities combined with our love for the mountains.  We had high expectations and Joel’s work completely knocked it out of the park.  We have never had so many people comment on our photos before but if you’ve ever seen one of Joel’s photos, you’d understand.  Joel was really great at directing the shoot to get the best photos and was a pleasure to work with.  I highly recommend Joel as a wedding photographer but only if you want awesome photos.





Thank-you so much for being our photographer! The photos are gorgeous and you captured the mood/romance of our wedding perfectly. We couldn't be happier with the experience and final photos. Also, we really like how you do previews on FB; it's a great way to hold us over until the collection comes back- great idea.


Thanks again and wishing you all the best.